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Altran and Healthways have created a tailor-made assistance programme for patients affected by chronic diseases

In France, 530.000 people are already taking advantage of the benefits offered by the EmbraceTM platform

Chronic diseases affect more than 17 million people in France ; 9 millions of them have already been acknowledged as being affected by a long-lasting disease.

The most prevailing chronic diseases include asthma and diabetes. Given that both diseases affect more than 7 million people in France, the Caisse national de l’assurance maladie des travailleurs salariés (CNAMTS, a national insurance group for sick workers) has launched an assistance programme called « Sophia ».

The goal of the programme is to help afflicted people know their disease better, as well as any treatments associated to it, so that they may adapt their habits to improve their quality of life and reduce the risk for potential complications. Based on the recommendations from healthcare professionals, « Sophia » provides support, information and tailor-made advice, adapted to the particular situation and needs of each person.

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Back in 2011, the CNAMTS contacted the American group Healthways -specialists in Disease Management- to request their support in the introduction of their assistance programme « Sophia ». To tackle such a large project, Healthways partnered the Altran Group. From then on, the Altran/Healthways partnership has been working cooperatively to define, launch and strengthen the strategy for assistance to project participants, mainly through an information technology platform for client relationship management (PRM), a daily tool for health counselors. By doing so, the partnership supports CNAMTS in the introduction of the product all over the country.

In the framework provided by the partnership with Healthways, Altran is taking the lead -for a 4-year period- in the management of the project, the integration of information systems and the support for change, which shows their know-how in leading large projects and highlights their mobilization and innovation capacity at the service of the general interest. 

« The initial goal was to engage more than 500,000 people in the project in 2015, and open out the device for people with asthma and people affected by cardiovascular failure ». Jérôme Faggion, Development Director for Health and Society at Altran. 

The goal has already been achieved, as the CNAMTS declared today that more than 530,000 people are already assisted by the programme in the country and the overseas deparments ; monitoring of people with asthma has been working for several months, and the service for people affected by cardiac failure will follow. 

The assistance model tailored to patients afflicted by a chronic disease that the Altran/Healthways partnership put forward is based on two significant elements :

  • Custom-made assistance for each patient
  • Launching of a robust, evolving information technology platform that works as a real follow-up tool for patients being assisted.

The aforementioned platform, EmbraceTM, includes all the PRM functionalities required to help health counselors in their interactions with patients. The clinical rules engine suggests interventions to guide the patient in telephone conversations ; it also contains scientific information libraries (assistance library, reference library, lists of available local care facilities…), predictive models, managing, planning and risk management tools. 

« Sophia » embodies the increasing investment Altran has made in the last 4 years in order to help healthcare agents in France. It is also a certification of the mobilization and innovation capacity of the Group to serve the general interest. By doing so, Altran shows its know-how in terms of large project management, along with the main international agent in chronic disease management, Healthways.  


Success of the Healthways – Altran solution for Sophia since 2012

The Caisse Nationale de l’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAMTS), in collaboration with the Healthways-Altran partnership, has successfully launched the Healthways-Altran solution for the « Sophia » programme and their centers located in Nice and Albi in 2012. This is an initial step towards the large-scale national introduction of the tailor-made assistance programme for patients affected by chronic diseases. As the launching was successful, the CNAMTS has overcome a fundamental stage in their generalization plan for the « Sophia » service to the whole country.

The initial reactions from healthcare professionals in contact with patients have been very positive, as the tool provides them with a guide to help in their assistance to people adhered to the programme. The way the interface is devised makes it possible to actually obtain a global vision of the person, in spite of the « telephone barrier ». 

According to Jean-Paul Prieur, Director of the « Sophia » programme in 2012 at the CNAMTS, « this is an important aspect in the introduction of Sophia for assistance in chronic diseases, also promising when considering the next add-ons that should make it possible to understand and improve the service offered to the patients engaged so that an optimum efficiency in healthcare and economic terms is achieved ».

« Innovation at the service of the general interest is a core value for the Altran group. It is an honour for us to put our experience to work at the service of one of the largest projects in the assistance to chronic diseases all over Europe, led by the CNAMTS », states Jérôme Faggion, development Director in the Health-Society area at Altran. « The committment of the group to society may be seen in the establishment of the Altran enterprise for innovation, that achieved awards in France, in 2012 and 2014, related to technological innovation and health ». 

Goals for the continuity of the « Sophia » programme

The initial contract finishes three months into 2015, and talks with the CNAMTS are ongoing involving the possibility of renewal so that the project may be maintained by the Partnership. 

The « Sophia » programme will continue to evolve in the next few years, and it remains at the centre of the risk management strategy in the CNAMTS. Two aspects will be emphasized : on the one hand, the set-up of new functionalities, such as the introduction of a new portal for patients ; on the other hand, coherence and complementarity with other CNAMTS programmes, such as PRADO (programme d’acommpagnement du retour à domicile après hospitalisation; a programme to assist in returning home after being in hospital) or MaSantéActive (an assistance and coaching programme to learn good habits regarding diet, physical activity and general lifestyle so that each person’s « health capital » may be preserved). 


Jérôme Faggion

Jerome Faggion, Director of Healthcare and Welfare Department of Altran has 18 years of experience in consulting. He joined the Altran Group as a consultant and then rapidly evolved to managerial positions. He has been in charge of the Healthcare Department with activities for pharmaceutical companies, medical device industries or hospital and public institutions in the sector of health. Within the Government market division, He is now in charge to develop activities for public institutions in France such as Telemedicine, Disease Management and E-health. These experiences give him a global picture of the healthcare ecosystem, coupled with a robust operational and strategic expertise.